Paganism, Legalism, and the Kingdom

There seem to be two different camps in Christendom today: fundamentalism and not fundamentalism. Ever since the creation of fundamentalism, there has always been pushback. Whether it be music choice, dress, or how you speak, we always seem to be on two extremes. Fundamentalists The fundamental camp is often accused of "legalism," which basically means that they apply... Continue Reading →


The 4 Gospels

The Lord Jesus Christ is a wonderful person. The more you seek to know Him, the more you realize that He is unsearchably rich (Eph. 3:8). In order to give a proper, full account of this wonderful person, there was the need for not one, but four gospels. These gospels are biographies of the Lord Jesus,... Continue Reading →

One Church, One City (III)

In the Bible, there is a ground, parameter, and boundary for what makes a genuine church, namely the city. God does not recognize the denominations and divisions made by men. In a simple way, you can say that a church consists of all the believers in a particular city. For believers to meet on any... Continue Reading →

One Church, One City (II)

The situation in Christendom today is quite sad. Deadness, confusion, and division reign, while the Lord waits for some who would be for His interests on earth. While I would really like to discuss the problems of deadness and confusion, for now we need to continue our discussion of division. To recap from my last post... Continue Reading →

One Church, One City (I)

There might be no other question on earth that frustrates me as much as "what church do you go to?" To start off, I'd just like to make mention that unfortunately I am horrible when it comes to photoshop, so I wasn't able to insert the text box saying, "this is not a church," on... Continue Reading →

The Economy of God (II)

In my last post, I wrote about God's Economy, which is His household administration of dispensing Christ as the Spirit as grace to all who make up the House of God, which is the Church (1 Tim. 3:15). The view I tried to presented was very grand and overarching, so I hope to hone in here on... Continue Reading →

The Economy of God (I)

In light of my last three posts on the erroneous doctrine of heaven being the goal of believers, I figured this would be a good follow up post. Unfortunately, proving false the doctrine of heaven as the believer's future dwelling place tends to leave Christians distraught and without a hope or goal in life. I'd like... Continue Reading →

Heaven (III)

The majority of verses where Christians get the erroneous concept of ascent to heaven immediately after death were dealt with in my last post. I will make mention of the last two I know of here and then make the case for a more accurate, biblical view of the believer's journey after death. Be With Christ "But... Continue Reading →

Heaven (II)

In my last post, I ended with the claim that: "there is not a single verse in the Bible that says believers go to heaven when they die. In contrast, almost every gospel presentation given by believers today includes in one way or another heaven as the goal or reason to convince unbelievers to repent... Continue Reading →

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