Well, here’s my blog!

Not sure what will come of this, but I hope that it will be at a minimum, entertaining to some, and hopefully, helpful to most.

I’ve never felt the need to blog or share my ideas with others, but after my first year of  college, I didn’t really think I had a choice. I have friends who blog often and I must offer my apologies for copying all of your good ideas and implementing it here.

I’m currently a sophomore at UT. I’m from Dallas. I am currently a Business major. All that I really know is that I love the Lord Jesus and the Word (which is Jesus, but whatever).

I became a Christian when I was 16 and fell deeply in love with Jesus and the Bible. I’ve been seeking the truth and trying to wrap my mind around the incredible revelation and wonderful mysteries in the Word (starting to think that’s impossible).

Since starting college, my experience in following Christ has gone through many changes and my joy and experience have enhanced exponentially. I’ve gotten into some incredible topics and truths in the Word and have had my mind blown more times than is probably healthy. At certain points I’ve really enjoyed it, and at other points I’ve hated having my previous concepts proven erroneous.

As you can probably tell already, I’m not a great writer. I’ve never enjoyed writing and I don’t plan on impressing anyone. My hope in this blog is not to woo my high school english teachers (sorry Mrs. Alfar, Mr. Williams, and Coach Benson), but rather to share what I’ve enjoyed in the Word of God these past three years and hopefully allow others to do the same.

So please ignore my improper grammar, horrible run on sentences, and failed attempts to build suspense and create a scholarly environment. I just want to share practical things in the Word that have blown my mind, and blogging seems like a great way to do so!

So this is me. There’s a few other things that I’d love to say, but I’ll save you the time and end it here.

I hope you enjoy!



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