Genesis 1 in the Eyes of Paul

Much of the apparent conflict between science and the Bible stems from the opening chapter of Genesis. How can the Bible say that everything came into being through independent creation acts caused by the speaking of God? Science clearly shows that the heavens, the earth, and everything on the earth form an interconnected, progressive link... Continue Reading →

6,000 or 4.5 billion?

One of the primary issues within the reputed contention between science and the Bible is the age of the earth. Do we believe what the Bible says (6,000 years as some have suggested) or what the overwhelming majority of science says (4.54 billion years)? As noted in my last post, these issues don't really matter.... Continue Reading →

Science & the Bible

This semester, I've been assisting a professor in a signature course at the University of Texas called "Science and the Bible." This post and those that will surely precede it in no way reflect all the material in the course, nor do they represent the opinions of the professor or various authors read. The course... Continue Reading →

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