Biblical Cosmos

I'm quite convinced that Dante's conception of the different regions in the universe comes closer to the genuine revelation in the Bible than most Christians' simplistic, dichotomistic understanding. From my observations, this faulty view of the different regions in the biblically-portrayed universe stems from three things (of which I don't have adequate space in my... Continue Reading →


To many, "What would Jesus do?" or "WWJD" has become a sort of moral compass to their lives. When confronted with a difficult situation or even in seeing a homeless man begging for money, Christians desire to to imitate their Lord and how He lived His life on the earth. I've been considering this way... Continue Reading →

The Gifts in Life

As one who spent a year in a charismatic denomination, it'd be safe to say that I spent a fair amount of time studying, reciting, and speaking 1 Corinthians 12 to people. The spiritual gifts were mesmerizing to me. If God is still allowing people and even desiring His children to exercise these gifts, I... Continue Reading →


A few posts back, I wrote about ordinances and how they harm the church, the new man. I think it is fitting for me to now talk about doctrine, which always goes hand and hand with ordinances. Ordinances originate (usually) from doctrines. Doctrines are a set of beliefs and interpretations of the Bible. In the... Continue Reading →


When most people hear the word "prophecy," they think of foretelling the future and speaking about something before it happens. This was definitely my concept a couple of years ago. While this surely is an aspect of what prophecy is (Ezk. 34:2, 11; Matt. 16:18; Acts 11:27-28), it is not an all-encompassing definition. Consider the... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Systematic Theology

"In order that we may be no longer babes, tossed and carried about by every wind of that teaching [which is] in the sleight of men, in unprincipled cunning with a view to systematized error;" Ephesians 4:14 We all want to know the truth. Often times, the serious Christian aspires to understand the whole of the... Continue Reading →

Paganism, Legalism, and the Kingdom

There seem to be two different camps in Christendom today: fundamentalism and not fundamentalism. Ever since the creation of fundamentalism, there has always been pushback. Whether it be music choice, dress, or how you speak, we always seem to be on two extremes. Fundamentalists The fundamental camp is often accused of "legalism," which basically means that they apply... Continue Reading →

One Church, One City (III)

In the Bible, there is a ground, parameter, and boundary for what makes a genuine church, namely the city. God does not recognize the denominations and divisions made by men. In a simple way, you can say that a church consists of all the believers in a particular city. For believers to meet on any... Continue Reading →

One Church, One City (II)

The situation in Christendom today is quite sad. Deadness, confusion, and division reign, while the Lord waits for some who would be for His interests on earth. While I would really like to discuss the problems of deadness and confusion, for now we need to continue our discussion of division. To recap from my last post... Continue Reading →

One Church, One City (I)

There might be no other question on earth that frustrates me as much as "what church do you go to?" To start off, I'd just like to make mention that unfortunately I am horrible when it comes to photoshop, so I wasn't able to insert the text box saying, "this is not a church," on... Continue Reading →

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