Satan in the Bible

"That we may not be taken advantage of by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes." 2 Corinthians 2:11 Why would I write a post about Satan? That seems a little creepy. Yet, perhaps the subtle serpent's greatest feat is veiling all of the Lord's believers from seeing who he is, what he... Continue Reading →

The Reward and Punishment of Believers (IV)

"For whom the Lord loves He disciplines, and He scourges every son whom He receives. It is for discipline that you endure; God deals with you as with sons. For what son is there whom the father does not discipline?" Hebrews 12:6-7 I ended my last post with little exhaustion to the details concerning the... Continue Reading →

Kingdom and Dominion

Object of the Gosepl What is the main object of the gospel? I've started to consider what the Bible presents in preaching the gospel versus what most Christians (myself included) tend to preach. We find it quite easy to preach about the sins of man, the necessity of propitiation, and Christ's redemptive death on the... Continue Reading →

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