He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. - Friedrich Nietzsche With Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life reaching about 40 million and Viktor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning at about 12 million copies sold, it'd be an understatement to say that people are searching for their purpose. When materialism fails to satisfy and the... Continue Reading →

The Corporate God-man

In my last two posts, I both laid out a christology that exemplified the divinity and humanity of Christ and described the process of reproduction that He undergoes in each of His believers to make them the same as He is. In short, the Son of God became a man, thus becoming a God-man; and... Continue Reading →

The Deification of Man

  In my last post, I wrote about just how far man has fallen. We are utterly fallen, satanic, dead, evil, and by nature enemies of God. Now I'd like to talk about not just our salvation, but about the end result of the salvation of man, and what exactly we become. "God became man... Continue Reading →

The Old Testament

"And beginning from Moses and from all the prophets, He explained to them clearly in all the  Scriptures the things concerning Himself." Luke 24:27 The Old Testament has been the cause of much struggle, doubt, and disbelief among many Christians or potential believers today. It seems to have little relevance to us today, minus the... Continue Reading →


Is the goal of our Christian life to be better people? I think this is one of the most awkward topics among protestants. We all seem to have this concept in us that we just need to do good and be better, and we tend to cast this same desire on God. When asking people... Continue Reading →

Kingdom and Dominion

Object of the Gosepl What is the main object of the gospel? I've started to consider what the Bible presents in preaching the gospel versus what most Christians (myself included) tend to preach. We find it quite easy to preach about the sins of man, the necessity of propitiation, and Christ's redemptive death on the... Continue Reading →

Many Sons

God's Need I had a conversation with a friend recently about these posts on God's eternal purpose. He didn't like the concept I seemed to be implying, namely that God has a need. I wasn't really comfortable saying that God "has a need" explicitly when he first brought it up, but now I feel confident with... Continue Reading →


God has an eternal purpose. Ephesians 3:11 makes this very clear. He has desired something for forever, is gaining what He is after today, and will have it to enjoy for all eternity. A popular view in Christianity today is that God's purpose is the redemption of man. However, when we look at Genesis 1... Continue Reading →

Divine Romance

Eternal Purpose Have you ever considered that God has an eternal purpose? Many people ask the question "what is God's purpose for my life?", but very few ask the question of what God's purpose is. Why did God create us? What is God trying to accomplish today? What will be the end-result of God's plan?... Continue Reading →

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